Grow fungus with us!

It is estimated 90% of plants rely on fungi to live and that 93% of the world’s fungal species are yet to be discovered. Fungi have the potential to unlock sustainable sources of food and material, as well as other solutions to problems faced by humanity.

And yet the number of mycologists (fungi experts) in the UK has declined by 20% and many mycologists are close to retirement.

Not enough people know about the importance of fungi... 

...which is why this May we’re giving people all around the UK a fungus lab – a box containing everything they need to grow a healthy fungus: at work, at school, at home or anywhere else. And hopefully they will end up with some delicious mushrooms to munch on too.

We only had a limited number of free fungus labs available, which is why applicants may not have been successful. Visit here for more T&Cs.

If you would like to try growing mushrooms from kits or fungi, head over to our page How to grow your own fungi.

Image of a burst of oyster mushrooms in a Grow Wild fungus kit box

Fungus lab growers!

If you are one of our intrepid teams taking on the challenge of growing a fungus, then make sure you're clear on what you need to do:

Brush up on your role and responsibilities

Watch our step by step instructions